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Bändiskaban semifinaalit.    

Seven Mugs mukana

La 7.3 alk n. 20.00

Torello rock bar

Tikkuraitti 15, Tikkurila




Helsinkiläinen Seven Mugs on rock n´roll bändi joka tuo eilisen isot styget takaisin omalaatuisella, lihaisalla soundillaan. Repertuaariimme kuuluu mm. Neil Young, Doors, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Rollarit.

Emme soita suomalaista.

Marc Aulén - Vocals, accoustic guitar, harp

Keijo Saviluoto - Bass guitar

Muffe Halla-Aho - Drums

Jari Lyytinen - Guitar

Sampsa Hänninen - Guitar, background vocals

Jani Liuhanen - Keyboards, background vocals

The Helsinki based rock band Seven Mugs mostly focuses on the huge hits from yesterday from bands like The Doors, Neil Young, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, CCR, just to mention a few.


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So be sure to book Seven Mugs to you company Christmas party, offer your friends an unforgettable evening with a cool rock band. Is your company launching a product? Give us a hollar and we´ll blow your socks off! If you want to invite us to play abroad, please get in touch with us in due time so that we can plan the event as well as possible!

GET IN TOUCH: SEVEN.MUGS@GMAIL.COM or book us via the Starpoint booking agency. www.starpoint.fi

The Mugs on the lighthouse ship Relandersgrund, Helsinki, Finland

March 2019

Photo by Kirsi Huppunen

REDI Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki 16.3.2019

We played a whopping 2 plus 2 hour gig on Ms Viking Xprs Feb 2019!

Our Hammond guy, Jani and Muffe on the drums. Photot by Kirsi Huppunen-

Jani and Sampsa at our unforgettable gig at Teurastamo Sat 18th May 2019. Photo Kirsi Huppunen.

Seven Mugs played a whopping four hour gig 9.2.2019 on Viking Xprs!

Sampsa and Marc on fire. Photo Soila Hänninen

The summer of 2018 was a good time for the Mugs!

Having fun at Teurastamo! Photo Soila Hänninen.

Marc getting a champagne shower! Phota Soila Hänninen.




Videota ei löydy


”Niin tilaajana kuin juhliin osallistujanakin voin sanoa, että Seven Mugs keikka oli todella onnistunut. Kaikki tapahtui juuri niin kuin oli sovittu ja aikataulussa. Jo etukäteen katsotun parin Youtube videon perusteella tiesin, että Seven Mugs on oikea bändi näihin eläkkeellelähtöjuhliin. Heti ensimmäisistä sävelistä lähtien meno oli vauhdikasta ja tunnelma katossa, kunnon rock’n rollia. 6-henkinen bändi veti täysillä koko parituntisen setin, pienellä välitauolla. Solisti Marcilla ja bändin pojilla oli asenne kohdallaan! Koska on kyseessä kunnon rokkibändi, musiikki ei sovellu taustamusiikiksi vaan on selkeä ohjelmanumero. Juhlatila kannattaa olla riittävän suuri, jotta bändikamat mahtuvat ja jää tilaa tanssia, sillä lattialle piti päästä rokkaamaan! Suosittelen lämpimästi kaikille rockin ystäville!”


-Arja Wiik, johdon assistentti, ASPA säätiö-



”Seven Mugs have several times brought their entertaining show to our ship, playing both inside wintertime and up on deck summertime. They always offer sincere, big interpretations of yesterdays big hits. Helsinki has a huge amount of coverbands on offer, some good and some not so good but I can honestly recommend Seven Mugs to any venue in need of a rock n´roll band who really knows their shit!”


-Juuso Karjalainen. Majakkalaiva Relandersgrund, Helsinki-

Muffe keeping the beat at Teurastamo. Photo by Kirsi Huppunen

Photo Soila Hänninen.

It's all about the bass, bout the bass, no treble. Keijo getting down! Photo by Kirsi Huppunen.

Singing rock n roll is a thirsty business. Photo Saliven Gustavsson.

Sampsa in control. Photo Kirsi Huppunen

Marc with the famous Manu The Duck. Photo taken at the Teurastamo gig by Kirsi Huppunen.

Rock n' roooooooll!

Communication is the key!

At the Velodrome, Helsinki 10.8.2019.

Seven Mugs made music history by playing the first gig ever at the Velodrome Stadium in Helsinki, built in 1952!

Many a time have we played on the lighthouse ship Relandersgrund, permenantely anchored in Kruununhaka

Boom, boom, boom boom!

Teurastamo was our best gig to date! Photo Saliven Gustavsson

Here we are a few years ago playing at Golden Classics, one of our favourite venues, that sadly is no more (Tuomas Koljonen on guitar and Eldar Gadimov on saxophone)

Jari. Photo Kirsi Huppunen.

I put a spell on you!


"I always said that I would give my left hand if I´d have the voice of John Fogerty. Good Golly, we already have the voice of Fogerty right here in Helsinki! It belongs to Marc Aulén, the vocalist of a good ol´rock band by the name of Seven Mugs. And yes the way he sways and moves his arms would make Joe Cocker happy in his heavenly choir."


-Petri Sarvamaa, Member of the European Parliament. 


”I happened to hear Seven Mugs play in bar in Lauttasaari, Helsinki and what a positive surprise it was! It was like going back in time to the sixties when we played the big arenas but with Seven Mugs as the supporting artist. The magnificent singer was charged with energy, they had well chosen songs and the band sounded bombastic. Thank you!”


-Kai Wallin, The Bassman (The Ilsanders, Jormas)-



Vaaran tunne läsnä! The element of danger!

"I´ve seen Seven Mugs and Marc on stage and I can highly recommend the band for any venue! Pure rock n´roll with hints of a Mick Jaggeresque rawness combined with the bands feelgood vibe. All you need to get the party started!"


-Varre Vartiainen from The Leningrad Cowboys-


"Marc has the thrust and the tension of Dave Grohl in his voice!"


-Christian Bertell, radio presenter on YLE Vega-

"The Oxford dictionary defines Energy as "The property of matter and radiation which is manifest as a capacity to perform work (such as causing motion or the interaction of molecules) or put more simply Marc Aulén and the Seven Mugs. The last gig I attended (yes been to few & have the T-shirt) was on the Relandersgrund light ship: top deck, wine in ice buckets, twilight sunset on the Uspenski cathedral and some of the greatest songs ever written being belted out with real passion. The energy that Marc and the crew generates is amazing, yes "causing motion", passers-by were stopping and literally dancing in the street (David B and Mick J now playing in your head?).

It was one of those magical summer evenings that you wish wouldn't end.

So yes, will so be there on Sept 29 !"


-Carl Upston-Cooper. From New Zeeland but living in Helsinki



We ain´t young. We ain´t pretty.

(Guitar Tuomas Koljonen, keyboards Henrik Alfthan and drums Kai Florström)

Way back when...

keijo and Marc...seriously?

"I saw Seven Mugs play at a birthday party gig. They know how to rock peoples socks off! You won´t be dissapointed with their performance!"


-Kmax Nguyen, Beautician. London-


Videota ei löydy

We´ve played in a bookstore, in a container...

...but one of the really tough ones was playing outside, May 1st, for six hours in six degrees, pouring rain and severe wind!


The boys are back in town!





Seven Mugs on Majakkalaiva Relandersgrund July 2018

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